Quantix | About us
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We not only deliver qualified people, we deliver the right people for you. We make connections.

Quantix is a staffing and recruiting firm based in Denver, with nationwide reach with our clients, consultants, and candidates.  Our professional services include contract assignments, contract-to-hire, direct hire, specialized staffing and executive search.

The portfolio of companies we work with recognize the value we bring to their organizations and share in our belief of connecting the right people to the best companies.

Our goal at Quantix is to give our clients more time and talent to achieve their business goals so they can focus on building and leading a team. As your partner, we identify the best people for your culture so you get better results.

Quantix is a woman owned business, founded in 2002.


At Quantix our job is to give business clients more time to focus on business goals.

We help consultants find the best fit


Diversity – We celebrate differences and know that we are stronger together.

Relationships – Personal connections add value to life.

Confidence – Doing things the right way strengthens conviction.

Innovation – We believe in constantly innovating to find the best solution

Precision – because close is not good enough.

Excellence – In our work and communication delivered by our people.


Jill – President and CEO

When you first meet Jill, you will be impressed by her fabulous sense of style, her gracious and friendly greeting and witty conversation.  She’s a very generous woman, freely sharing her time, talents, stories and gifts. A strong, intelligent leader at work, Jill is also a mean party planner and loves to host celebrations of family, friends, and community.  Ask any of us about our fun team outings or the annual Christmas party! On the weekends, if Jill is not golfing, searching the thrift stores for treasures or working on her latest home improvement project, most likely you’ll find her spending time with friends or family.  She especially loves playing with her grandkids!

Heidi – Vice President, Customer Relations

More coming soon!

Karen – Regional Director

Karen takes the title of Super-Hero.  In her hidden identity as Spider Mom, she has the supernatural ability to be in 3 places at once with each of her children and their overlapping competitive sports and school activities.  Actually, she can be in 4 places at one time because she is perpetually purchasing the next “best pair” of black heels. And speaking of black heels, they also double as her dancing shoes. In her secret role as Dance Crusader she is typically the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave.  She is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than the Locomotion…get it? No Super-Hero is complete without their disguise, of which she is a master. As Captain Quantix, she is the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest winner, Quantix Fashion Runway Star and Halloween Costume Contest extraordinaire, she is a woman of many capes.  However, she’s become a little over confident in her Super Hero talents. She thinks she has mastered the invisibility thing, but Karen, you know we can all still see you sneaking out the back door of the office, right?

Elias – Director of Recruiting Operations

Elias is a modern day Frontiersman, he’s all about the outdoors.  He loves being in the mountains with his Jeeps, (yes, Jeeps plural) family and dogs.  Speaking of dogs…or pets in general, the animals at his house far out number and in some cases out-weigh the humans.  He’s a crafty guy, one of his hobbies is to build and repurpose furniture. The stuff he comes up with is amazing and the description usually starts with “this used to be…”.  Elias is a great husband and dad, his family always comes first. He has the ultimate poker face, a dry sense of humor that always catches you off guard and does a pretty good job of hiding his tattoos, most of the time.

Rebecca – Director of Financial Operations

Rebecca, well we can’t live without Rebecca!  She keeps our finances straight, makes sure we all get paid, and has all the answers for us on those pesky items like taxes!!!  Rebecca is a prankster and she is known for crafting some doozey’s. During office gatherings, you will often hear “remember when Rebecca did…”  Beware, you never know when you might be her next target. Rebecca is a woman of many talents, here are some clues to a few of her favorite things: If you are ever in a pickle, she will help you out.  Be careful not to drive her crazy, she will give you the hook, and never mess with a woman with an incredible poker face!!!  Guess how she likes to spend her time!!!

Tanner – Director of Corporate Growth and Marketing

Tanner is that “jack-of-all-trades” kind of guy, but he’s also a “master-of-all-trades” kind of guy too.  Need an extra person for your trivia team? Ask Tanner. Need to learn about bitcoin? Ask Tanner. Need advice on a cell phone or laptop?  Ask Tanner. Need your car worked on? Ask Tanner. Ok, on that one, he might just give you guidance instead of doing it for you…but I think you get the picture.  Not only that, but he’s a genuinely good guy who keeps everyone in the office laughing…and keeps our internet, website, phones, computers, (and us) working.  If you’re looking for Tanner outside of work hours and he’s not home with his family, check your local brew pub or the racetrack…he just might be there!