Quantix | 10 ideas to inspire some fun in your office this summer.
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10 ideas to inspire some fun in your office this summer.

10 ideas to inspire some fun in your office this summer.

Summer time is the perfect time to focus in on some fun.  You can feel the transition of mindset in the office, so how do you keep your team inspired?   We went out and looked at ways to different companies from across the US try to keep the office light, but productive during the summer months.


  1. BBQ Friday’s – get people outside and socializing to help break up the day.
  2. Encourage your team to share their vacation photos around their desk. People love to tell stories and look at people having a good time. We get a good feeling when we see people having fun and happy. It also gives people a chance to get to know each other better.
  3. Release your inner child – Take a field trip to somewhere interesting or fun for a half of day. Go to the trampoline park.
  4. Volunteer – support a local charity that the team votes on. Dedicate some time helping others. This is a great team builder as well. Supporting a cause and working together on it has proven over and over to add meaning and a positive impact on the company culture.
  5. Off-site adventure – Go on a hike or visit an escape room. Find an activity that encourages people to talk and work together.
  6. Change the look of the office – redecorate for summer. Let the team add their look and feel. Hang pictures of places people want to go or have been. Brighten up the area so it feels more vibrant and energizing.
  7. Summer hours – we know people are trying to spend more time with their kids or want to enjoy some of the nice weather, create optional schedules that allow more flexibility when
  8. Invite kids in to work a lemonade stand in the afternoon. This is a fun and engaging way to have some fun with a traditional summertime event. Have your team help build a stand and stock it. Plus kids get a chance to make a few bucks as well.
  9. Hold meetings outside – go on a hike, find a tree to sit under or picnic table to gather around for that team meeting. Just enjoying some fresh air can inspire some creativity.
  10. Late start Mondays – We crave our weekends in the summer and want to get the most out of it, making Monday mornings dreadful. Shift the start time on a Monday and move those “staff” meetings to a later time to help people enjoy a little more summer.


It’s not the size of the event or initiative, but more the effort and acknowledgment that summer is here and you want them to enjoy it.


Get people out of the office for small amounts of time this summer. Team-building is a win-win for your company, bringing fun to the workplace and giving employees the chance to learn one other’s strengths and personalities. Bringing some fun into your office culture will cultivate an environment where people want to invest their time each day.

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