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Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

By: Elias Cobb, Quantix Recruiting Manager

I wanted to add onto the blog published earlier called “Adios IT Manager, Hello Hands-On Techie!” 

If you find yourself in the category described – either you’re an IT manager now and would like to get back into hands-on technology, or you’re an unemployed IT manager and are considering becoming hands-on once again – NOW may be the perfect time to make your transition!

Similarly, if you’re in a technology you feel is a dead-end (hello PowerBuilder developers), NOW may be the perfect time to transition into a hotter skill set!

Image Credit: Bradley Foster

Image Credit: Bradley Foster

Why, you ask? Why is now the right time? There’s one major factor: The market for IT talent, particularly in development, is extremely tight. There are far more openings than there are available developers. Compounding this is the fact that employers haven’t caught up with this trend. This has translated into a couple of outcomes: One, many positions go unfilled because managers simply don’t move fast enough and lose applicants to other opportunities. Two, the salaries many companies are offering aren’t commensurate with what developers can get due to supply and demand.

So what does this mean for you, the technology person who wants to make a change? Well, companies are willing to take chances on people who have training in specific skills rather than waiting for the perfect candidate to come along. This saves them money in salary – yes, you may have to take a little less to get into a job where you are gaining experience. And if you’re an internal employee wanting to transition, then they already have a feel for you work ethic and how you get along with your coworkers, and may be willing to let you make a move. 

So go out there and get some training, volunteer your services, do some self-study and get yourself into technology stack that has a future and keeps you in demand in the job market!

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